The Light and the Darkness


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The Kingdom of Heaven is a gift that was prepared before the construct of time itself. It was prepared for a specific subset of people who would live at some time on Earth and could be described as “those who love Him”. The Bible says it is the Father’s pleasure to give the Kingdom to His children. So every time we receive the Kingdom we make the Father happy, we bring joy to HIS HEART. The Kingdom of Heaven is the Kingdom of light. We know quite a lot about it because Jesus couldn’t stop talking about it!

The Kingdom of Light

Here are a few things we know from the Bible about the Kingdom of Light:

  • It is righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit
  • The Holy Spirit is the one who has been sent to teach us and guide us into all truth especially concerning the Kingdom of Light
  • The Kingdom of Light is near, not far
  • Its not a physical place, but a spiritual reality
  • Its on your lips and in your heart
  • Its unstoppable
  • Its for the child-like at heart
  • Its established in the heavenly places by God’s command
  • Its revealed on Earth by the faith and works of men
  • The violent take it by force
  • Flesh and blood cannot inherit the Kingdom
  • You must be born from above to receive it because it is a spiritual Kingdom with an Earthly reach
  • Jesus Christ is the King of the Kingdom of Heaven
  • There are thrones in the Kingdom that are given to the saints according to God’s will
  • Authority in the Kingdom is a reward for good stewardship
  • To be first in the Kingdom, you must be last
  • There’s a Bride who is being prepared to marry the King and she’ll be soooo beautiful on her big day! It will be the wedding of the eons! Only the Kingdom’s people will be invited.
  • There is a massive celebration in Heaven every time a new member joins the Kingdom of Heaven through repentance and accepting the sacrifice of Jesus Christ as payment for their sins.
  • There is an army that protects the Kingdom of Light and its people from enemies

Other Kingdoms on Earth and in the Heavenlies

The other kingdoms spoken about in the Bible are one spiritual Kingdom of Darkness and Earth’s many physical kingdoms, which incidentally, are also under the jurisdiction of the spiritual Kingdom of Darkness. This is because dominion was given to Adam and he lost it to Satan when he fell.

The Kingdom of Darkness

Here are a few things we know about the Kingdom of Darkness from what the Bible says:

  • Every human being is born into the Kingdom of Darkness because Adam is humanity’s spiritual father. Jesus’ spiritual father was not Adam because Mary was a virgin.
  • Satan is the Prince of Darkness
  • The Kingdom of Darkness wars with the Kingdom of Light.
  • The children of darkness are under the control of the Kingdom of Darkness
  • The works of the flesh are evidence of the control of the Kingdom of Darkness in a person
  • The people in darkness have seen a great light! That’s what causes them to immigrate to the Kingdom of Light
  • Satan and his Kingdom have been thoroughly and completely defeated by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, the shedding of His precious Blood and His resurrection
  • The children of light defeat the Kingdom of Darkness by the Blood of the Lamb and the Word of their testimony.
  • There is an army that fights for the Kingdom of Darkness and its members

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