Sun Rise Swiftly Part I

I’m not a morning person, at least that’s what I thought I knew about myself. This morning, I wake up super early (for me) just before sunrise. I get out of bed and walk around the house not really knowing what to do with all this the peace and quiet! Usually the sound of silence…


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I’m not a morning person, at least that’s what I thought I knew about myself. This morning, I wake up super early (for me) just before sunrise. I get out of bed and walk around the house not really knowing what to do with all this the peace and quiet! Usually the sound of silence means something is being destroyed or spilt or drawn upon with permanent ink. Then I perceive the Holy Spirit inviting me to go out for a walk and enjoy what He made for me. He let me know that when He made creation, from the time He hovered over the deep, He did it so it can be enjoyed by the children of God in moments just like this one.
So I put on my trainers and went out. As I walked about my scientist’s mind started reeling as I thought about all the beauty around me and how creation is in many ways a shadow in the physical realm, of spiritual things. So sunset and sunrise are like evening and morning in the spirit…or are they?
In Genesis as we read about creation, we know that evening and morning is a spiritual thing that existed before there was a sun to set or rise. So what on Earth is an evening or a morning in the spirit??? That’s when the Holy Spirit told me clearly that it’s impossible for flesh and blood to inherit the Kingdom. Spiritual things are spiritually discerned. I could pound away at this with my brain but it wasn’t designed to be figured out. Knowledge this profound was designed to be received, just like all the rest of the treasures of knowledge, understanding and experience that are laid up in heavenly places (for those who are called according to His will and purpose).
So during my morning walk, I came to realise that the only commandment in the New Covenant is, “Love God with all your strength and all your heart and love your neighbour as yourself). It starts with a decision to love God. I used to look at this with a bit of scepticism because I couldn’t really picture what this would really be like in real life. Do I have to go off and join a nunnery and sing “the hills are alive with the sound of music….aaahh ahahaahhh”?
No. Actually it’s all about knowing that there’s nothing left for me to do. When Jesus said, “It is finished”, that’s what He meant. Because of this amazing event called calvary and the resurrection of Jesus, there’s nothing left for me to do to have the Father’s love and acceptance except to accept the sacrifice that was made for me by His Son Jesus. That’s it. Any time I try to add anything to the finished work of calvary, I’m taking away from it and God won’t have it, NOPE! Not at all.
What do I mean by “any time I try to add to it”? I mean any time the thought crosses my mind that I have to earn something from God. You cannot earn what was given freely before you even knew you wanted or needed it! You can’t earn salvation, you can only accept it and say “thank you very much”. So if I can’t earn salvation, which is the greatest miracle of all, what makes me think that I can earn anything else which is lesser such as healing or provision for my needs or wisdom for my life? Or come to think of it, other things like the gifts of the Holy Spirit? It doesn’t make sense at all right?
Actually I now understand where this thinking comes from. There are many products you buy such as outdated inject printers which can be really cheap in the shop and then become extremely expensive to run because the refills are crazy expensive. I may have that misguided kind of attitude when it comes to the things of God. Could I be thinking that salvation is the easy part, then the rest comes with hidden conditions and strings? I think this is why renewing of the mind is so key. We’ve got to change our minds about God, who He’s is (He is three people: the Father, the Son and The Holy Spirit; And they are one person: God), what His agenda is for us and our lives, and what the Bible really says.
The Hard Part
If you look at it from God’s perspective (whether Father, Son or Holy Spirit), salvation is the HARD PART. It was hard for the Father to even allow this plan to come to pass and see His wonderful Son suffer like that for things He didn’t do. As the original Father before any other fathers existed, He felt His heart break at the torment of His Son. It was hard for the Son to go through it. He sweat great drops of blood and asked for “this cup of suffering to be taken away” in the garden of Gethsemane.It was not the will of the Father to take the cup of suffering away because that was the price for our redemption. So Jesus willingly suffered the cross. It was hard for the Holy Spirit who was Jesus’ companion during His life on Earth to leave Him as the judgement of the Father fell on Jesus as the Father judged the sin of the world in the body of His Son. The Holy Spirit had been with Jesus forever in both directions except at this one point in existence. That’s an awesome thought right there.
So I’ve repented from thinking I can use brute force to get what I want from God. Brute force is claiming, binding, hollering, fasting, praying, whatever! If it comes from the attitude that I am demanding something from God in any shape or form, that’s brute force. It’s like being a toddler and crying to get what you want. As a parent, I get it when my toddler does that.(And sometimes I give him what he’s hollering for 😉 God also gets it when we do that. BUT, I expect my toddler to graduate from uni someday and I know he’s not getting that degree by hollering and begging! (disclaimer, if he want’s to join the circus as a trapeze artist, I’ll support that too…) I believe God expects the same kind of growth to occur in us, and it happens as we go back to the beginning; the beginning of the great commandment: Love God with all your strength and all you heart. When you just start with God, getting to know Him, spending your time dedicated to knowing Him, understanding things from His perspective and pushing yourself and your agenda out of the way for a second and reading His word while depending on the Holy Spirit (the Bible’s author) to show you what He meant in every line. When we start there, a surprising thing starts to happen. We start to see that everything God does is for a purpose. Every part of God’s creation glorifies Him. When a part of God’s creation declares independence from Him, it looses its ability to shine, it stops making sense, it stops being beautiful, it start creating destruction. Lucifer was the first to declare independence, and his bright light (hence his original name) became dark. Adam and Eve came next, and they declared independence when they thought that they could get even more than what God had already given and believed a lie. They were given dominion over the Earth and the air and they lost this in the Fall. Now everything that was once under them is forced to fulfil the agenda of the Kingdom of Darkness. That’s why living things die eventually. There was no death in the Earth before the Fall. It was like Heaven in that sense because God used to hang out with Man and relax here.Now creatures devour each other. That was never God’s plan for creation. Now microbes wreak havoc a lot of the time and make us weak or kill us. There are plenty of beneficial bacteria, fungi and other tiny creatures. I often wonder what a virus looks like when it is fulfilling God’s plan instead of making people bleed from the eyes or suffocating in their own lung juice. I like to think of the millennial rule of Jesus, when finally, for the Final Act in the story of this Creation, everything is as it should be and everything is doing its ordained job and there is no deceiver to lead anyone astray or to pervert any thing…this is what I look forward to… what on Earth will viruses be up to? Will catching a cold result in increased intelligence instead of snivels? Will the symptoms of corona viruses be glowing skin accompanied by loss of muffin tops across the land? I can’t wait.
I digress. I think I need to take another walk to finish my train of thought.

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