Kings of the Earth and Beyond


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I was travelling to Australia when Queen Elizabeth II died. It was really interesting for me because I grew up in the UK so I get the royalty fandom, but I’m Zambian so I also don’t get it at all. I remember watching the reactions from people around the world and all the pomp and ceremony of the funeral, and the guy collapsing from standing guard over her body! And I thought to myself, where do we get this idea from of “royalty”? It’s such a strange thing when you think about it now. In former days, if someone could annihilate your tribe, then they were the king! However today, many countries are thinking hard about having a monarchy and what that means.

What does the Bible say? The only royal blood line that counts right now is the one Jesus established. The Bible says He is a royal priest after the order of Melchizedek. Who was Melchizedek? Good question. He was both king and priest, just like Jesus. We who follow Jesus are called “a kingdom of kings and priests”. This priesthood is different and older than the levite priesthood. It is also different because it has no end. In the old covenant, the roles of King and Priest were separate. In the New Covenant, the roles are one.

So the concept of royalty should matter to us in terms of how we look to Jesus and how we see ourselves. When we think of Jesus, we should think about how much more amazing heavenly glory is than earthly glory. Solomon with all his wealth and splendour was still a man and you could look at his face and have a chat. Have you read the description of Jesus’ glory after His ascension to heaven? People cannot look on His face because it shines like the sun! How about the glory of a new creation? We are new creations after all and we’re born from above. That fact alone should make us look at ourselves differently in the mirror and be even more deeply aware of the awesomeness of the exchange that took place at the cross of Jesus Christ.

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