Jesus and His Keys


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Jesus talked about the Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven (Matt 16:19) and He talked about the Keys of hell and death (Rev 1:18). He said specifically that He will give to us the Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven and something would happen because of this: whatever we bind on Earth shall be bound in Heaven and whatever we shall loose on Earth shall be loosed in Heaven. That sounds like an amazing thing to be to do. But how much do we know about Earth and Heaven as dominions where power like this can operate? How do heavenly events affect earthly ones and vice-versa? And what exactly are we binding and loosing? Or is it more correct to ask, WHO exactly are we binding and loosing?

Then Jesus talks about the Keys of hell and of death. He talks about the fact that He is ALIVE and He was dead and we can behold that He is alive for evermore. And the Keys of hell and of death? He has them. What does that mean for us as believers? A lot of people think of hell as place that they believe or don’t believe is actually there…its up to you. According to Jesus, its real enough of a place to have a gate with a lock and He’s got the Keys. Then there’s death, which is spoken of as a separate thing. What is death? The Bible says death is the punishment for the soul that sins. Death also has Keys of its own just like hell, and Jesus has those too.

As believers, we should think about sin and death only through the Blood of Jesus Christ. You see, Jesus came to Earth as a man, and as a man He could not be killed as long as He was sinless. Death happens because of sin. If He never sinned, then death had no claims on Him. That is why when he died, He LAID DOWN His Life, it was not taken from Him. After dying as a sinless man, He was raised to life from death by the power of the Holy Spirit and He is alive right now forever more. He laid down His life to take it up again, as it is written. So His death was a ransom for many and because of His death, sin no longer has its tyranny over our lives and therefore death no longer reigns in our lives either. Because Jesus died and rose again, we can now be confident that to be absent from the body is to be present with Christ! In the Old Testament, that was not the case. You can look at the prophet Samuel to see what I mean when the witch of Endor called up his spirit after he died in order to have a chat with King Saul, Samuel was not amused!

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