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How to Win Your Battle with Procrastination


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Battling distraction

Before we can even scratch the surface of the real reasons behind procrastination, we need to understand distraction and be real about the cost of distraction to our hopes and dreams.

Why are we so Distracted?

This seems like a simple question. If you are asking this question it means you’ve probably been trying to get things done in your life and in your walk with Jesus, but stuff keeps happening. People keep happening. Things keep happening and when you have put out another fire, you look around, and you don’t know how a week or month just disappeared! If this is you, then you’re distracted.

There’s a Disease for That.

In today’s world there are so many labels for distractedness. There are pills too. But what is at the root of it? One thing I know about the Kingdom of Darkness is that one of their favourite strategies is distraction. Just like when George Bush Jr. invaded Eirack (Iraq to the rest of us), he talked about “shock and awe” being their strategy of choice. Your enemy has a strategy of choice. He’s lazy and doesn’t like to expend himself too much so he’s going to use the easiest-to-use tool in his arsenal to get you off track. And that is what all this is about: Getting you off track. He doesn’t have to get you to go anywhere in particular (too much effort). The destination for everyone who does not get their sin sorted out with the Blood of Jesus is preset to Hell. God made Hell for the Prince of Darkness and his demons, not people. If people choose to follow the ways of the Kingdom of Darkness and even identify with it, then they’ll find themselves there. It was never God’s plan for people to be in Hell. That’s why God Himself made a way out for anyone who would accept it through His own Blood in His death and resurrection.
The Prince of this World and all who follow him are already judged, didn’t you get the memo? read John 16:7… It is like spiritual gravity. Fight it at your own peril. Everyone has a choice to join the Kingdom of Light. I did once I knew that I could and I choose the Kingdom of Light daily.

So you see, your adversary just has to stop you from getting to where you need to go. Job done.

The Root

I have come to believe that the root of all seen things can be found in the unseen realms (Hebrews 11:3). So it follows that the root of distraction can be followed to its spiritual root.

Procrastination is the visible telltale sign that distraction is overwhelming your life

Why do we Procrastinate?

Boredom (a.k.a. seeking our righteousness instead of His righteousness, our way instead of His way)
We find a task boring so we don’t actually want to do it. Spiritually speaking, there is no boring moment in Heaven. So how do we deal with this down here? If you find yourself disinterested with what is going on around you and feel life is dull, you need to ask yourself the hard questions. What can you do to get back on track because there is never a dull moment with God. In the moments when we are waiting ON Him, we praise Him, we worship Him, we thank Him. We don’t get bored. In the moments we are waiting FOR Him, we do the same. God does not even have the word “boring” in His Word at all! There is always something to do. We can look at the example of the angels. What do they do in between missions? You won’t be bored studying this topic. You should read Angels on Assignment by Pastor Roland Buck.

Notice how I said, “what do we do in between missions?”. We are on assignment. Once we make Jesus our Lord, we are on His time and on His assignment. If you’re bored, maybe it is because you are in pursuit of the wrong things. The Word says, “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness” (Matt 6:33). We need to structure our lives so it is obvious that the mission He saved us for comes first. Only then will we find all the other stuff we unwisely chase after. He made us, each one of us, for such a time as this. Our peculiarities and idiosyncrasies are no accident. Lean into them and see what He apprehended you for (Phl 3:12). Pursue that and you can never be bored.

Lessons from the Parable of the Talents

If you think about the Parable of the Talents (Matt 25:14) it is clear that we are servants and we have a Lord who gave us His money for the purpose of increasing it. We are supposed to be busy getting an increase on the wealth He has entrusted us with, using our specific abilities. That is what our abilities are for: TO INCREASE HIS WEALTH, not to serve our own purposes. The servants who got an increase through trade and other means were called “good and faithful servants” and were given responsibility over the things the Lord really valued (meaning that money was not the thing that the Lord really valued). The servant who buried his talent was called worthless! He was thrown out and it didn’t end well.

We are on Assignment

This parable clearly shows us that we are on assignment and we have been empowered with abilities to be of benefit to the Kingdom of our Lord. When we pursue this, we are seeking first the things that are close to the heart of our Lord. He is faithful to add to us all the other stuff we normally chase after. That is the logical spiritual order of things. Don’t chase the stuff. Chase the Lord, His Kingdom, His righteousness… not your own desires, your own ambitions and your own self-righteousness. If you do this:
> your desires – your real ones (the ones God gave you in your heart when He made you) will line up with His will
> your ambitions- your real ones (not the nonsense fed to you by Hollywood or Oprah) – will bring glory to God
> your peace, your knowledge that you’re satisfied and safe in this life and the next, will come from your relationship with God, not from completely untrustworthy things like your bank balance, your brazillian weave or your bucksed-up boy-toy. You will know that you can’t save yourself, you need His righteousness and you’ll be so grateful for the fact that He already gave it you and no one can take it away from you.

Unbelief (a.k.a. an unbelieving spirit)

Sometimes we have don’t really believe in our ability to do something in front of us and so we shrink away, put it off, try to get out of doing it. This is unbelief. The remedy for unbelief if the Word of God and fasting (Matt 17:20) Just a side note, most people talk about this scripture as though it references that this kind of evil spirit only goes out by prayer and fasting…I think He was talking about this kind of unbelief the disciples had…this kind of unbelief only goes out by prayer and fasting- for me its the only way this scripture makes sense.
Do it. Get over the hump. Move up and on.

Fear and Anxiety (a.k.a. spirit of fear)

This is also the second layer of unbelief. So you get unbelief first, then you get anxiety. If you believe there is no place for fear or anxiety.

Perfectionism (a.k.a. spirit of pride)

The notion that we can do things on our own that God is even vaguely interested in is ludicrous. He wants partnership. He wants our weaknesses because that is when His strength shines. No room for your perfectionism in God’s Kingdom. No room for your pride (I call it that because if you did that thing alone, then you can get the glory for it. That is not God’s M.O.)
There is only room for God’s perfection. Step aside and let Him shine.

The Common Thread

There is one thing linking all these ideas I’ve talked about. It is the idea that all visible things come out of the invisible. Hence all the things you see in your life start first in the invisible world. You may think that you’re distracted because you can’t focus. I have a different belief. I believe you are distracted because there is a mission against you from the Kingdom of Darkness and a spiritual battle is being waged for your time. If you look in the Word: fear, unbelief, self-righteousness, pride, anxiety, these are all spiritual things. If you understand that there are agents of spiritual wickedness actually fighting against you, maybe you will take up your position as a member of the hosts of Heaven, a soldier in the Heavenly armies, and FIGHT! Fight for your time! Fight for your blessings! Don’t let your sly slippery subtle adversary steal your reward!

In the Prayer Closet

That business you prayed for? Remember when God gave it to you in your prayer closet? Then you stepped out of the prayer closet and promptly let the cares of this world choke the word He had given you? And you became ever so busy that you could not put in the time to get the job done?…unbelief..did God really say?…the dream is too big…Can God really do that for me?… then fear, anxiety et cetera ad infinitum.

It doesn’t have to be a business that you were praying for. Maybe it was a supernatural intervention, a partner, a cry for justice…it doesn’t matter what it was. If you prayed for it and you know (because of the witness of the Word, the Spirit and your inner witness) that God has answered your prayer, then you need to know you’re in a fight. Your adversary wants to kill, to steal and destroy. To kill what? to steal what? to destroy what? Whatever God has given you is fair game.

Get UP!

It is time to get up from the ropes where your adversary has you beaten, he’s been pounding on you because you were oblivious to the fact that you stepped into the ring the moment you prayed. Ask Daniel all about that (check it out in the Book of Daniel). We wrestle not against flesh and blood or didn’t you get the memo? Go read Ephesians 6:12! Wipe the sweat off your face and ignore the cut above your eye that is streaming and obscuring your view. Shove the mouthguard back in and fight.

Fight! Win. Rinse. Repeat.

(Oh yes, I forgot to mention that the fight is fixed in your favour…you really need to start reading the memos! 1Cor 15:55; 1Cor 15:57; 1John 5:4; Rev 12:11).

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