Real Lemonade: How to Get Over it and Move on in 2024


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Real lemonade

Life and Lemons

Life throws (not gives) us lemons. What do you do when it does? I think lemons are subjective, one person’s lemon is another person’s toffee apple. In my experience, anything to do with people being unfair, unjust, that kind of thing is my lemon. I hate it. I can go on about it for years, muttering the name of the guilty under my breathe as I tell God, “I’ve forgiven so-and-so…”. This can literally go on for years because I feel so cut up so deeply when people deal with me unfairly.

Taking Things Personally Because of Personality

Later on, I discovered that my personality type has a lot to do with this. I am INFJ and the day I discovered that, it was like this tesseract that was my inner workings was suddenly brought into this dimension and translated into a language I could understand. (Don’t underestimate the power of knowing your personality type).

The In-Justice League

I value justice. Not as an “ooh, that would be nice…” kind of a thing. No. I value justice like air. When someone denies it to me in the way they deal with me, I can’t breathe. And the suffocation goes on and on. God helped me deal with this by showing me in Colossians just how completely He forgave me for my wrongs.

How God Forgives

He did it on 3 levels:
He cancelled the accusations against me and forgave me of my sins [Col 2:13]
He erased the handwriting of the ordinances that were against me [Col 2:14]
He destroyed the actual record where the accusations had been written by nailing it to the cross [Col 2:14].
When I confess my sin and repent, God forgives me so completely that you can scour the whole known and unknown creation and you will never find the record of that sin…except in my mind. That is why the enemy reminds us constantly of things we did wrong and confessed to God to get forgiveness. The enemy knows that the accounts are settled and we are forgiven but he will still bring things up and try to make us regress into guilt and shame. Resist the devil and he will flee. Don’t accept being harassed over something if you have received forgiveness from God following true repentance (He sees our hearts. He knows if we mean it or not).
Let that sink in. It took me time to learn these layers to the forgiveness we receive through the sacrifice of Jesus for our sins.

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Back to Lemons and the Sea of Forgetfulness…

The Sea of Forgetfulness

My problem was not unforgiveness. I am generally quick to forgive. But real forgiveness is not complete until you forget. The Sea of Forgetfulness. God uses it when dealing with me. He showed me that I need to use it too when dealing with others.
Once I saw how I had been forgiven, I was able to start dishing out forgiveness more readily. I also understood that it may take a moment to utter the words, “I forgive so-and-so” but it can take years to erase the act from my physical memory. You have to forget the act, since God forgets your lawless acts when you ask Him to forgive you. You should remember the lesson however. So that explains my mutterings to myself that I mentioned earlier. I am literally scrubbing my memory of things I’ve forgiven.

Today’s Manna

Today, the manna I was given was on the last page of the book of Revelation. It says, “let the unjust continue to be unjust”. I love the way the entrance of the Word brings light. I was feeling so dark and so gloomy and so confused and so hurt. In this word, God is saying the best way to handle the unjust is to let them continue on their way. That does not mean we let the offender get away with it. If it is something we can respond to using the options around us in our lives, we should seek justice. But if it’s a family disagreement or your friend is being inconsiderate and treating you badly, this qualifies for “let the unjust continue to be unjust”. It simply means we tell God about it, ask Him to deal with it in faith, and let it be worked through God’s Heavenly justice system and move on with our lives.

Getting Justice in the Courts of Heaven

There are times when the injustice suffered required a formal submission to the Courts of Heaven, maybe because the perpetrator is a collective of some kind, such as a group of people, an institution or some kind of authority. God is a God of justice so it gives Him pleasure to provide justice to His people. So you need to use wisdom to prepare your petition to bring before God.
Take a look at this eye-opening exhortation from Dr Francis Myles on the topic:


God’s Ways are Higher than Mine

How do I let go of the desire to get my own justice?! It’s so contrary to what I want to do! But these are God’s ways and they are higher than mine. So don’t plot vengeance (Vengeance is the Lord’s and He will repay). Letting the unjust go on their way is actually acting on faith because it shows that you know there is a God who fights for you and He will resolve it, using His awesome repertoire of means. In His time He will resolve it. In His mercy He also gives room for the unjust to repent and change their ways. I, as a recipient of such grace and mercies, must leave room for others to receive grace and mercy too from God, just like I did. So I pray for those who have dealt treacherously with me and I let them go in my heart (easier said than done…but it can be done).

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