How to Find What You Love To Do in 2024


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Edge of the universe

Today’s Word
Rejoice in Your Labour Ecclesiates 5:18 – 20

I Woke Up This Morning…

I woke up this morning feeling completely blank about what I should do with my life. So I did what most people do when they want help with their next steps. I delved into the internet. Immediately I came across well-meaning people talking about the Law of Attraction and asking the Universe to tell you what to do. Sorry everyone out there who talks to the Universe like this. Someone made the Universe. He did an awesome job, that’s why you feel the urge to worship it and ask it hard questions.

Illogical Worship

But don’t do it, because you are no different from someone who worships a tree or a statue or anything else you can see or touch. Just don’t do it. (Yes, people have done that for thousands of years…it doesn’t change the fact that it makes no sense to worship created things -i.e. things you can see or touch- when you have a standing invitation from the Creator -who you can’t see or touch- to worship Him).

Worship God, You Know You Want To

Worship the God who made the Universe and tell Him how amazing you think it is, and thank Him for it. That makes sense. That’s what I’m doing. Then I’m asking Him to show me my next steps. I’m asking Him to reveal to me things about myself that I can’t see, such as what really brings me joy. When I try to do some introspection, I find all the societal junk that I’ve amassed over the years. All these ideas that have filtered into my psyche from T.V., books, school, uni, living in foreign countries, my workplace, my family… on and on.

Help From A Higher Force

It is actually no small matter to find out what you truly like. You actually need help with this from the higher force who made you and sees you. Imagine consulting the One who knew what You were made for? Think about it. If you were made by someone for something, then there is a plan with a detailed description of what you are supposed to accomplish. That also means there will be a reckoning someday where hopefully you’ll be given a 10/10 for your life on Earth.
It is handy that we have access to an awesome God who is interested in showing us the way and being our companion, our bestie and our real life coach.

Look Up, Step Up

If you are asking yourself the simple question: “What do I really like to do?”, then you are actually putting your foot on the first rung of the ladder that leads from mediocrity and dullness, up and up through the clouds, beyond the Universe, to the One who knows you completely and loves you completely and is your no. 1 fan.

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