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Jesus and Levi

A lot of people who profess to being christians also say things like, “God doesn’t talk to people anymore” and turn up their noses when other professing christians say things like, “God told me this yesterday”
What’s the truth in this matter?

Jesus and Levi

If we look in Luke 5:27, this scripture talks about when Levi followed Jesus. Levi was sitting at his tax booth collecting taxes when Jesus comes up in his business and says to him, “Follow me”. Levi left everything and followed Jesus. I bring this up because every christian had a moment before and after this event in their lives. Each one of us can remember the day “we got saved”. There was the moment before we heard Jesus call us to follow Him, and there was the moment after when we received this invitation and invited Him in to our hearts. Every christian living today could not have seen Jesus in the flesh because He’s alive in the spirit today. He doesn’t go around as He did in Levi’s day… but he still goes around. He still calls people every day. And every day people hear His voice and they say yes and they begin their christian journey.

Only People Who Know They Need Help Can Hear

This scripture goes on the say that the pharisees were annoyed because Jesus was hanging out wit these “sinners”. Jesus told them that He did not come for the righteous. In other words, Jesus was saying, “If you think you’re perfect, “righteous”, then this message is not for you”. When you think you’re perfect that makes you deaf to to the voice of the one who can heal and save you.

Hearing in the Spirit

This is hearing in the spirit. We’ve all done it at least once in our lives if we are christians. So all we have to do is get better at it so we can tune our lives to His will more and more every day. It’s not rocket science.

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