Did God Really Say? Yes He Did. In the KJV.


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Which version of the Bible do you read? This morning when I was having my quiet time, I asked the Holy Spirit to show me what I should read today. He led me to the Epistle Dedicatory for the King James Version. That is the page at the beginning of the Bible that was written by the translators to King James expressing their joy at the completion of the work. I thought it was an odd choice from the Holy Spirit. After all, yesterday He showed me Elisha’s other side. Today the Bible’s dedication? So I read it and as I did, I started to have a new respect for the work that went into it and the impact it had. How amazing it must have been to open the scriptures to everybody when before, the Roman Catholic Church had made sure that common people could not interact with the Word. So I mused on this most of the day and I was also meditating on how much better I enjoy reading the King James Version in terms of connecting with God’s voice, than with other versions. I always get the real sense of what is being said from the KJV. I found that the NIV, the NLT and the ESB just brought on nuances that muddied the waters. I have different versions on Bible apps on my phone and laptop as well as physical copies. Yet when I want to read the Word, which ever version I start with, I always end up checking it in the KJV.
Fast forward to this evening when I wind down after putting my toddler to bed. I like to scroll through YouTube to see the latest videos on the topics I’m into right now ([1]Obsidian- What new reasons can i find to really like this software?; [2]AI- Have I lost my job already?; [3] The Church- What is going on with TD Jakes??!!).
So as I’m scrolling I find this video below. I watched the whole thing and I understood why the Holy Spirit told me to read the Epistle Dedicatory for the King James Version this morning:

By the way, my practice is to wake up first thing and tell my husband what new revelation I had during the night or whatever. It usually starts with, “‘morning. I just realised something.” Then he asks what it is. Then I give him a sentence which turns into a sermon. Then I go on my merry way. After he travelled away for a short while, I found myself with these realisations and no one to tell. The Holy Spirit told me that I had become like a fat glutton getting all these insights every morning and never sharing them. So He challenged me to share each one I get everyday like the manna that used to fall on the ground for the Israelites in the wilderness. He made it clear that as long as I share, there will be manna in the morning.
So I share.

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